Your Dogs are Good Dogs

A non-profit dedicated to helping your dog stay home and your community stay safe.

Every day you hear stories of dogs who saved their humans from fires, pulled them from a wrecked car, or saved children from drowning. Those are the stories of what dogs can truly be.

But often overshadowing those stories are the news clips about dogs who charged, nipped, or was aggressive in some other way. Your Dogs are Good Dogs believes it doesn't have to be that way. We know dogs can be the heroes. With the right training and relationship with humans, dog behavior problems can be eradicated.

However, not everyone has the funds for canine trainers, especially if it's court ordered training due to past behavior. Your Dogs are Good Dogs wants to bridge the gap between these populations so that no trainable dog is put down for something that can be fixed.

Call us at 720 . 441 . 5211 for more information.