To save canine lives by providing families with training options regardless of the ability to pay. To work closely with law enforcement, communities, courts, and trainers to provide a safety net for dogs with behavioral concerns.

A world of safety and community for all humans and canine companions.

Your Dogs Are Good Dogs believes that no dog should be put down just because she or he has behavioral problems. We started our organization when we found that many people did not know where to get help to treat their dog’s needs; and those who did know where to go might not have the funds necessary to hire a specialist. It was heartbreaking to see good dogs be euthanized or relinquished and we wanted to help them.

Your Dogs are Good Dogs connects dog owners with trained canine behavior specialists to resolve behavior issues. We're here to help alleviate the financial burden that might otherwise prevent an owner from receiving much needed training assistance. The organization's ultimate goal is to keep families together by keeping dogs in their homes.

Upon approval, Your Dogs are Good Dogs will provide funds for individuals to take their dogs to see a behavior specialist. This is not only an opportunity to help save a pet’s life, but it’s also an opportunity for owners to have a better relationship with their dogs. Through proper training from an experienced behavior specialist, dogs can be rehabilitated.

We are currently developing relationships with local court officers and law enforcement, as well as trainers and dog-loving citizens. We need members to help with the following critical roles:

  • Volunteer board positions
  • Volunteer advisers
  • Trainers
  • Community liaisons
  • Event staff for tables and demonstrations

Please call us at 720 . 441 . 5211 for more information.